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2nd Term Pictures

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Despite the flooding rains, natural water falls are formed in a secret grotto at camp.

Holly & Jade really love the water falls.  The campers take a nature hike after the rain.

Abby shows no fear whatsoever on the "screamer" by hanging upside down. 

Erin & Jade go to higher heights when they try the "screamer" for the first time.

Rene & Anne Sophie get very excited, but show extreme calm as they go up the "screamer" for the first time.

Holly is just swinging around!  The girls play musical chairs for tribal points on a rainy day.

Jade shows our variation to the game "looks like rain".  We couldn't stand the idea of even mentioning the word "rain", so we changed the game to "looks like sun".  Abby & Holly pass a marshmallow with toothpicks for more tribal games.

For this tribal competition, the Kickapoos (left) and the Pawnees (right) were given 4 items and 10 minutes to make up a skit. 

The girls giggled so much during the twister competition it was hard to stay up.  Abby(Pawnee) and Rene(Kickapoo) had a tribal "twist off".  They were both so good that we had to call it a tie.

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